Eventus Financial can assist customers who wish to invest in residential property via an Self Managed Super Fund. 


You may need to seek independent financial and legal advice before committing to an SMSF purchase.

Purchase Residential Investment Property:

SMSFs can use borrowed monies to assist in purchasing or refinancing a residential investment property within the super fund. The property must be held in trust for the SMSF until the loan is repaid.

Security of a Limited Recourse Loan:

Rights of recovery against the SMSF are limited to the secured property. All other assets held in the SMSF are protected.

Potential Gearing Benefits:

It may be possible to claim the interest paid on the loan and expenses as deductions against rental income for tax purposes*.

Rental income can be used to demonstrate serviceability:

Rental income from the investment property can be used to repay the loan.