Consumers more than ever before are questioning whether their existing home loan best suits their current and future needs.

It is therefore no surprise that 34.3% of new home loans issued nationally are for people refinancing their existing loan to a new lender to get access to a better deal and/or to access equity to invest or renovate.

An Eventus Financial Mortgage Broker will give you the right advice when deciding whether switching banks is the right thing for you.

Eventus Financial has access to over 25 lenders. Our Mortgage Brokers will assess your current circumstances, discuss your needs, advise which lenders are most appropriate for you and then guide you during the whole process by being with you every step of the way.

Our Mortgage Brokers also have the added benefit of having a larger bargaining power with banks to ensure that they can negotiate special deals on your behalf.

Eventus Financial will not charge you a fee for their services. We work for you, but are paid by the banks. It's one of the true-wins in life, where you can get the right expert advice without having to pay for it.